“the body speaks very spontaneously with the music”

Choreographer and videographer, Doria Belanger develops a multidisciplinary work at the crossroads of dance and video.
His artistic education was first built on a visual ground, with a sensitivity for photography, painting and cinema. The discovery of dance then opened her up to a new aesthetic, in the relationship to the body, to movement, to gesture. The medium of experimental video was like a breach, the possibility of a synthesis – or rather of a dialogue – and that’s where she wanted to dig. Her artistic practice is above all made up of research, her choreographic proposals feed on spontaneity as much as long periods of reflection. She loves the effervescence that this double commitment instills in the creative process. In her video work, for example, she orients the viewer and guides his gaze, he sees through his eyes in a way.
Doria Belanger likes the opposite of live performance: the freedom of the viewer’s gaze. Her approach does not consist in creating purely aesthetic “video dance”: she seeks to use dance in a plastic way by working on repetition and accumulation or by going to the end of a quality of body by exhausting it_._ In this sense, she seeks less a celebration of the gesture than a celebration of the encounter – with a body, a dancer, a state, a climate…


Started in 2020, the project Joule is a video diptych that echoes infrastructures dedicated to the production of energy (solar farm, wind farm, nuclear power plant, hydraulic dam, etc.) with dancing bodies in natural spaces. With Joule – in situthe artist pursues this research, this time in the open air, in an ambulatory version with ten dancers.

Until September 17 Video installation ” Joule “as part of the Royaumont Festival, at the Abbey of Royaumont.
And this Saturday, September 17 at 2:30 p.m., choreographic wandering “Joule, In Situ “.

Musical programming:

Claude Debussy / Isao Tomita : Arabesque No. 1 RCA

Meredith Monk : Cellular Songs

Alexandre Chatelard : Installation sound Joule (extract)

Nils Frahm : Ode – Our own roof
Erased tapes

Chopin : piano sonata n°2 in B flat minor op.35; 1. Grave – Doppio movimentoIvo Pogorelich, piano

Floating Points : Promises, Move 1
Pharoah Sanders
Strings of the London Symphony Orchestra
Luaka Bop

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