The best pizza in the world 2022 is a seafood pizza created by a Frenchwoman

Here are more precisely the secrets of the pizza “C’era une volta” to seduce: “bisque of sea urchin and lobster, scallops burned with a blowtorch, dried caviar, fleur de sel, prawns marinated in citrus fruits and flambéed with sake, marbles of mozzarella, ricotta cream, ricotta flower with saffron centre, squid ink tuiles, young pea shoots, sea water foam and sea urchin tongues, dried tomato pistils”… These are indeed the ingredients of the same pizza. It is important to specify that “C’era a volta” is also served “with a shot of lukewarm sake and sea urchin cream”. Finally, the detail that surely makes all the difference: “the dough, the base of which comes from a mixture of two Italian flours, ferments for 72 hours”.

© Pizza Caroline Maya


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