The Apple Watch can raise the dead (or almost)

It is a very tragic story, which takes place in Washington (United States) and reported in the local news by Ary News. It all starts with a rather stormy divorce proceeding between two inhabitants, the husband risking having to pay alimony to his future ex-wife. Furious, he goes to the couple’s former home to do his laundry there, but the tone rises and the man kidnapped before stabbing her.

Finally, the criminal goes to the forest and tries to bury his victim alive. Fortunately, it ends up getting out of its grave and immediately warns 911, the emergency number across the Atlantic. To do this, she uses her Apple Watch, still on her wrist. The device is capable of make calls without iPhone nearby, currently with an option at 120 euros on Series 8.

Jail box

Charged with attempted first degree murder, the husband has since been stopped by the police and could face a long prison sentence. No bond has been set for his release at this time and the court will still have to rule on how long the individual will spend behind bars. This is likely to be set at more than ten years, according to the law in force in the state.

This is not the first time that the Apple Watch has saved a life: beyond its ability to notify rescue, the device is also capable of detect falls serious. Even better: with the arrival of the new wearables in September, their software can also recognize car accidents.

Additions to protect yourself from those around you with iOS 16

Along with this, Apple is also developing other features especially dedicated to combating toxic or abusive behavior that may occur inside the home. Probably the most important iPhone update on this subject remains the Security controlewhich allows you in seconds to block access to all your accounts from your mobile.

Note also that theApple Watch Ultra is equipped with an additional button, installed on the edge. It may therefore be wise to program it as a trigger for sending an emergency message, to alert a loved one of a conflict occurring at home.

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