The Apple MacBook Pro is at a discount and it’s on a site sometimes overlooked

If you want to buy yourself a high-performance laptop, look no further. Rakuten is indeed offering the Apple MacBook Pro with a 6% discount. Hurry up to enjoy it.

It’s an avalanche of good plans from which you benefit from Rakuten. In addition to its promotion on the Apple MacBook Pro, dropping it to 2,099 euros instead of 2,249 euros, it offers you another discount. Thus, Club R members can be reimbursed 10% of their purchase. Add to that that they can credit their account with 104.95 Rakuten Points.

And for everyone, delivery is free and you will have the possibility to pay in 4 instalments. What more ? Thanks to the merchant site, you can enjoy a screen with intense colors and Apple performance. With its M1 chip, the Surface Pro is very fast and capable of handling the most demanding software, even in multitasking. For professionals, the MacBook Pro is arguably the more relevant choice, especially if you have to work outdoors, as it retains all of its battery power.

Don’t pass up the MacBook Pro on sale

Thanks to its battery, you can use it for hours without having to recharge it. Even if you watch videos, its autonomy protects you from cuts. Need a little break? You can play your favorite games as much as you want. On the audio side, again, the Apple MacBook Pro will surprise you with its six speakers and Dolby Atmos sound. Finally, its front camera not only allows you to make video calls, but also to unlock your computer, since it uses Face ID facial recognition.

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