The Apple Car is not yet released that it is already eagerly awaited … by Tesla owners

LApple Car already eagerly awaited by EV (and high-end car) enthusiasts? A study of Strategic Vision sheds a rather stunning light on the question: several hundred thousand (American) owners of new vehicles were asked which models interested them the most from a list of 45 vehicles. Small peculiarity of this list, there are models that are not available for sale in the United States, and above all, there are also the Apple Car !

What was not the astonishment of Strategic Vision analysts to find that Apple is already the third most popular brand with drivers: 26% of those questioned would thus “definitely interested in an Apple vehicle in the future”. Apple is second only to Toyota (38%) and Honda (32%), but ranks ahead of Ford (21%) and Tesla (20%). And that’s not all: more than half of the Tesla owners on the panel admit to being interested in a future model of Apple Car!

“If others aren’t preparing for this type of ‘disruption’ today, they might ask, ‘What happened? “like when Tesla entered the market”says Christopher Chaney, senior vice president of Strategic Vision. “If they just stay asleep spending all their ingenuity chasing electric motors, LED lighting and flat screens with thousands of apps and all the high-tech features you never dreamed of, then Apple could moonlight right in their backyard sales. » continues Senior VP.

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