the annoying inkwell, the leaky pen… We summarize the first hiccups of the reign of Charles III

Throughout her reign, Elizabeth II had a motto: “Never explain, never complain”. In French, “never justify yourself, never complain”. With his son, King Charles III, things seem less obvious. Less than a week after his accession to the throne, the new monarch has indeed already left several times show signs of annoyance, even anger. Often for trivial things, like Tuesday, September 13, when he lost patience with a pen that had the misfortune to leak… Franceinfo rewinds these sequences.

He demands that we clear his office

Saturday, September 10, at the time of the signing of his swearing in at St. James’s Palace in London, the new king is annoyed by the presence on the desk of an inkwell and a pen box. On the images, we see him frantically shaking his hand so that an assistant removes the objects from his sight.

He gets annoyed with a leaky pen

Three days later, Tuesday, September 13, Charles III appears again annoyed during his visit to Northern Ireland. In question this time, a leaky pen. As he prepares to sign the guestbook at Hillsborough Castle, near Belfast, he leaps from his chair when he sees the ink running down his hand. “Oh my God, I can’t stand this damn stuffhe curses in front of cameras. “Look, he’s leaking everywhere”comment swe marry, the queen consort Camilla, while the king wipes himself with a handkerchief.

He would consider dismissing his former princely staff

Already saddened by the death of Elizabeth II, the employees of Clarence House, the home of the former prince-turned-king, could also lose their jobs. According The Guardian (link in English), a hundred of them received a letter of dismissal. “Charles’ private secretaries, finance office, communications team and household staff have received a letter from Sir Clive Alderton, the King’s chief adviser, telling them that changes are coming, which for some may lead to dismissal”, writes the newspaper. It is specified in this letter that certain positions are not “no longer needed”.

Lhe document mentions that these dismissals will not take place before three months and that the indemnities will be improved“. This does not prevent the public services union from mentioning an announcement “heartless”, in the midst of national mourning. According to a staff member quoted by the Guardian, everyone is absolutely furious, including the private secretaries and the management team. All staff have been working late every night since Thursday, only to be confronted with this. People were visibly shaken by this news.”

He has little quirks

Charles III seems to have very specific requirements. His pajamas must be ironed every morning, as must his shoelaces before he puts on his shoes, reports the New York Post (link in English). That’s not all: the seat of his toilet must be transported during each of his trips, just like “his furniture, his bed and photos”. As for the toilet paper, it’s the Kleenex Velvet brand, otherwise nothing. The American Daily, who had fun compiling the little quirks of the new monarch, tells us that he asks his servants to spread out to him every morning “an inch of toothpaste on his toothbrush”i.e. 2.54 cm.

HAS Clarence House, where Charles had lived with Camilla since 2003, his staff had found him a nickname: the pampered prince. Understand: the “pampered prince”.

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