The ‘always-on’ screen of the iPhone 14 Pro best described by Apple

As often after the announcement of new features for its flagship mobiles, Apple has just published a support document which details how the devices behave with more precision. Within it, we discover several scenarios in which the screen “always on” of the iPhone 14 Pro still comes to an end.

This solution, which allows you to continue to display important information such as the time or the date with a reduced refresh rate, is thus deactivated when the iPhone is placed on a surface face down. This way, if you’re using your Mac and smartphone lies upside down on your desk, so autonomy will be better spared. Ditto when the phone is in your bag or in your pocket.

A matter of settings

As Apple also explains, the screen can also turn off when the energy saving mode is activated or that you have chosen a concentration mode Rest. To learn more about these settings, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article with supporting screenshots. You will discover in particular how to mute sounds and notifications during your naps.

With this, Apple specifies that the screen also turns off when the iPhone is connected to CarPlay or that the functionality Camera Continuity is in use. This calls on your mobile to “replace” your MacBook’s camera, so that you can take advantage of better quality sensors whether during FaceTime calls or shots with Photo Booth. And as the mobile is from behind, the screen becomes useless.

To activate or not, at your choice

Of course, you don’t have to keep the screen always on if you don’t feel the need to. It may also be useful to disable it for the sake of privacyif, for example, you do not wish to communicate to those around you the content of your messages, the name of the apps used or that of your mobile operator.

To do this, you can therefore manually choose to block the always-on screen. Meet in Settings > Brightness & Display then press the option Always on. At any time, you can go back in the same way.

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