temperatures remain high this Saturday

This Saturday should be sunny in most of the country, with temperatures up to 30°C in Béarn and the Basque Country.

The heat persists this weekend, despite the approach of November. This Saturday, Météo France predicts “calm weather”. After the dissipation of the morning mists, the organization anticipates “generous sunshine” over the south of the Alps, the PACA region and Corsica.

Between the tip of Brittany and the Cotentin, the sky will be overcast with a little rain in the morning, less in the afternoon, with “the return of some sunny spells” at the end of the day in the West.

“Over the rest of the country, the high clouds make up for beautiful sunny periods”, explains Météo France in its daily bulletin.

Up to 30°C in the Basque Country

Temperatures will remain high for the season, with peaks of 29 to 30 degrees towards the Basque Country and Béarn. Météo France thus predicts temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees north of the Loire, between 25 and 28 further south, at the hottest of the afternoon.

Locally, the maximum temperatures will go up to 18°C ​​in Brest, 24°C in Paris, 25°C in Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Ajaccio and Toulouse, 26°C in Marseille and 27°C in Bordeaux.

Since mid-October, France has been experiencing an episode of exceptional late heat, with temperatures 4 to 5°C higher than normal for the season throughout France. This anomaly is explained in particular by very mild upwellings of air coming from the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula, driven by a low pressure zone in the Atlantic.

Heat is also a direct effect of climate change: “heat waves, in addition to being more frequent and more intense, are becoming earlier and later, like the one we observe”, underlines Météo France on his website.

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