Possible aurora borealis as far south as Quebec!

A moderate geomagnetic storm will affect Earth for the next two days. A Kp index of 6 is on the radar for the night from Saturday to Sunday. Such a situation could allow sectors further south to see the colored veils in the sky – provided they are far from light pollution. The surroundings of … Read more

Hail and lightning: your images of the impressive storm that crossed the Alpes-Maritimes last night

The month of September ended under lightning. A violent storm shook the department last night, from the hinterland to the coastal areas. More than 300 lightning strikes have indeed been recorded by the Kéraunos meteorological observation site in just a few tens of minutes in the Alpes-Maritimes. It is in particular in La Gaude and … Read more

where will it snow this week and how much?

With the drop in temperatures, the first real snowfalls are expected this week in the mountains, especially in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Guillaume Woznica 4 hours ago 5 minutes The landscapes have already covered a thin film of white gold in the Alps ten days ago. With an anticyclone retreating over the Atlantic and … Read more

Drought: the alert level lowered for 70 municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes

The new drought order fixing water restrictions in the department has been published. The prefecture is not announcing a major revolution. The territories already placed at the crisis stage remain so. Or the whole department except the Siagne sector. The situation changes for two territories: the upstream Var basin and the downstream Var basin. 70 … Read more

Extraordinary weather phenomenon: ball lightning

The phenomenon of ball lightning has intrigued scientists for hundreds of years. This fantastic apparition, very real but very little observed, is sometimes confused with a meteorite, a UFO or even a spirit. Known as globular or plasmoid lightning by scientists, this phenomenon has been described in historical texts for a very long time: these … Read more

Fall 2022: something almost never seen in Quebec

In short : A warmer than normal fall; Abundant but punctual precipitation; Transition to winter to watch in November. An abnormal context The summer was hot in Quebec. Autumn follows the same trend this year. MétéoMédia experts estimate that the season will be warmer than normal, in an exceptional context. Some important factors will modulate … Read more

30°C Days in September: The New Normal?

It used to be the custom to put away white clothes after Labor Day. But now a week after this holiday, sandals and t-shirts are still de rigueur, at least in several regions of Quebec which are flirting with 30°C this weekend. Moreover, recent history informs us that this kind of scenario could repeat itself … Read more

When to go to Quebec? Weather, temperatures… The best times per season

Walking between the fortifications of Old Quebec, kayaking in Mont-Tremblant National Park, skiing at Mont-Sainte-Anne or surfing in Montreal… Discover the details of the climate and the calendar of Quebec’s festivities, to know exactly when to leave according to your desires for discovery. Quebec is a Canadian province subject to different climates, due to its … Read more

the West Coast faces scorching temperatures

By AFP agency Published 59 minutes ago, Update just now The mercury could climb to 45°. MARIO TAMA/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/Getty Images via AFP IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – A heat dome encloses California, Arizona and part of Nevada. However, the mercury should drop thanks to a Canadian cold air front. The western United States … Read more