Funeral of Elizabeth II: from Charles to Edward, who are her four children?

To start with Charles, her first son, born on November 14, 1948. Aged 22, Elizabeth is not yet queen, but her obligations as crown princess take up all her time. Charles grew up surrounded by his nannies, creating a certain emotional distance from his mother that biographer Jonathan Dimbleby describes as “detached”. Proof of this … Read more

Obélix, Rogerfederer, Florentpagny or Coluche… In the sky, asteroids with unusual names

The specialist indicates in the preamble that it is not possible for an individual to decide on the name of a star. “Only the International Astronomical Union is authorized to name celestial bodies”, he points out. In contrast, “for asteroids, people who discover them can name them (almost whatever they want)”. Not to mention the … Read more

Observed in the abyss, this fish with a transparent skull intrigues researchers

“It lives in the twilight zone of the ocean, at depths of 600 to 800 meters”note the American specialists. “Its eyes are directed upwards to spot its favorite prey – usually small crustaceans trapped in the tentacles of siphonophores”, species similar to jellyfish. An astonishing vision, which would allow him in particular to effectively perceive … Read more

Energy crisis: a Nobel Prize in physics triggers a “pastagate” in Italy

Like France, Italy is trying to save energy to get through the winter. But on the other side of the Alps, people worry about the need to cut their gas or electricity while cooking pasta. Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2021 for his work on the interaction of disorder and fluctuations in physical … Read more

Space: rivers of diamonds under the surface of certain planets, such as Uranus or Neptune?

This discovery paves the way for a new way to produce nano-diamonds, which are increasingly useful in many applications, such as medical probes, non-invasive surgery or quantum electronics. The industrial method of manufacturing nano-diamonds consists of subjecting carbon-rich materials to very strong explosions. “Laser production could offer a cleaner and more easily controllable method of … Read more

Did astronaut Thomas Pesquet admit that man had never been to the Moon as a video suggests?

The astronaut is then questioned about the character “dizzy” of this assignment. He confides then that, if “everything is divided into smaller tasks”, he still feels “a chill” when he looks at the Moon at night. “Because it’s not the same thing, to say to yourself is it humanly possible to go there.” A sentence, … Read more

Drought: Spanish farmers swap olives for pistachios

For good reason, the difference between the selling price of a kilo of olives and a kilo of pistachios is overwhelming: 65 to 85 euro cents for olives, six to eight euros for pistachios. Or gains that can increase by more than 800%. Farmers have also chosen to replant their wheat fields and vineyards with … Read more

4 billion human beings in 2100: “It’s not science fiction, it’s possible”

Do the results revealed by HSBC seem plausible to you? This new study exaggerates the traits, but to think that the global fertility rate could quickly reach 1.5 children per woman is nothing short of science fiction. It is even quite possible. As a demographer, we are asked to perform possible scenarios. To do this, … Read more

Artemis I: the flight is unmanned, but the Orion capsule will carry Helga, Zohar and Moonikin

As part of the Artemis mission, the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket is scheduled to take off from Kennedy Space Center, located in Florida, on Monday, August 29. The goal: to return to the Moon. This project carried out under the aegis of NASA also involves a large part of the international community, including the … Read more