Being alone or unhappy makes us age faster than cigarettes

Mental health has not always been considered a factor that accelerates aging, yet it weighs more heavily on our biological age than cigarettes or other illnesses! A person who feels lonely and unhappy sees their biological age advance by 1.65 years compared to 1.25 years for smoking, according to a recent study that looked at … Read more

Meowing nuns at fixed times, contagious laughter… The mysteries of “collective hysteria”

By Pauline Lena Posted 4 hours ago, Update 1 hour ago Today, several terms describe these phenomena: collective stress reaction, mass psychogenic or sociogenic disorders, collective hallucination… Pinel for Le Figaro PSYCHOLOGY – Now called “mass psychogenic disorders,” these epidemics of the mind cause the same symptoms in dozens of people with no identifiable cause. … Read more

Repetitive stress, the enemy of learning

By Dr Nathalie Szapiro-Manoukian Posted 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago “We are not all equal in the face of “stressors”, some are more resilient than others”summarizes the Pr Catherine Belzung. pinel PSYCHOLOGY – Yelling and punishment or encouragement and the right to make mistakes: the atmosphere in which your children learn plays a … Read more

These signals sent by the brain that show you have to step out of your comfort zone

TIPS – If by definition, the comfort zone is reassuring, it can also confine and turn off the individuals who find themselves there. Certain signs can put the flea in the ear and encourage you to get out of it. For several years, you have held the same position, follow the same schedules, coexist during … Read more

Old… and happy to be!

By Christine Lamiable Posted 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago To claim that it is easy to grow old every day and to rejoice in it would be a bliss. pinel PSYCHOLOGY – Old age is not always the shipwreck you think. Gérard, Marie-France, Nicole and André tell us about the privileges. Gérard confesses … Read more

“If the desire is extinguished, it is because it was not present at the start, or because our sexuality does not suit us”

In case of blockage of desire, talking within the couple or with a specialist is liberating and, sometimes, even saving. Lady Figaro. – Male speech seems less free than that of women, who speak more and more openly of desire, pleasure and consent. Why you think ?Margot Fried-Filliozat. – Talking about their sexuality remains difficult … Read more

Narcissistic perverts: do we talk about them too often?

PSYCHOLOGY – They frighten as much as they fascinate, and they are sometimes evoked wrongly and through. But they do exist and we must remain vigilant… They have always existed, but have been regularly in the headlines for the past ten years. The narcissistic pervert, a recurring character in the media, intrigues as much as … Read more

Why do some always make the wrong choices?

DECRYPTION – Some people are haunted by the impression, even the conviction, of having made the wrong decision. Good news: this phenomenon can be explained and above all, it can be corrected. Being caught in a dilemma to the point of not sleeping at night; reproduce the same love patterns all the time despite failures; … Read more

Lucy Vincent, neurobiologist: “Walking makes you smart!”

In It all starts with the body, neurobiologist Lucy Vincent claims that our brain is governed by our physical activity. A fascinating book that should give us energy. Lucy Vincent, who loves the plasticity of our brain, had already sifted through the effects of love on our neurons, then of dance on our memory. This … Read more

Why are we so afraid of change?

By Dr Nathalie Szapiro-Manoukian Published yesterday at 9:09 p.m., Update yesterday at 9:09 p.m. When the change is significant, the policy of small steps, which consists of proceeding in stages, can help to de-dramatize it. pinel PSYCHOLOGY – The routine is as comfortable as it is useful. But the slightest break in our habits must … Read more