Death of Suzanne Lipinska, owner of the Moulin d’Andé, popular place of the New Wave

She had settled in 1956 in this 12th century building overlooking the Seine, which she had transformed into a high place of cultural influence. Owner of the artistic residence Le Moulin d’Andé, Suzanne Lipinska died this Friday, September 30 at the age of 94, after having devoted 60 years to making this popular place of … Read more

In Chartres, a gigantic Gallo-Roman sanctuary

The archaeologists discovered a magnificent marble step basin, which testifies to the finesse of the work of the craftsmen of the time. Department of Archeology of Chartres Métropole STORY – More than a decade of excavations has unearthed an incredible archaeological site. The ancient city had one of the largest sanctuaries known to date. The … Read more

Where did the creative genius of Alain Passard, one of the most famous 3-star chefs in the world, go?

The leader of the Arpège, Alain Passard. The Arpege GASTRONOMIC CRITICISM – More than disappointing experience at Arpège, three macaroons in the Michelin guide for a quarter of a century, with the man who revolutionized cooking and ennobled vegetables. It had to happen one day. An inedible intruder in a gastronomic sequence (the mini-pearl hidden … Read more

Meowing nuns at fixed times, contagious laughter… The mysteries of “collective hysteria”

By Pauline Lena Posted 4 hours ago, Update 1 hour ago Today, several terms describe these phenomena: collective stress reaction, mass psychogenic or sociogenic disorders, collective hallucination… Pinel for Le Figaro PSYCHOLOGY – Now called “mass psychogenic disorders,” these epidemics of the mind cause the same symptoms in dozens of people with no identifiable cause. … Read more

Three Russian cosmonauts on a mission on the ISS return to Earth

Three Russian cosmonauts landed Thursday, September 29 in the steppe of Kazakhstan, returning from a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), announced the Russian space agency Roscosmos. Russians Oleg Artemiev, Denis Matveev and Sergei Korsakov landed at 12:57 p.m. nearly 150 kilometers from the city of Jezkazgan in central Kazakhstan, according to a … Read more

in the mind of a child in front of the screen

Faced with potentially traumatic images, the brain of a child does not have the same weapons as that of an adult. adobe-stock PSYCHOLOGY – Faced with potentially traumatic images, the brain of a child does not have the same weapons as that of an adult. If we plunge into the abyss of memory, some striking … Read more

the successor to the now complete Scientific Council

The mission of Covars is to monitor “the health risks linked to infectious agents affecting humans and animals”, “environmental and food pollutants” and “climate change”. The “committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks“, or Covars, successor to the Scientific Council created to deal with Covid-19, is now complete, with 18 members, whose appointment is published … Read more

black screen on the Blues during the World Cup? / Media /

Since September 2, Canal+ no longer broadcasts any channel from the TF1 group. In question: a commercial dispute which is slow to be settled, between two audiovisual giants firmly decided, for the moment, to camp on their positions. Taken hostage, many football fans could not follow the Denmark-France match on Sunday. And there is no … Read more

Survey: 1 in 4 French people would be ready to opt for a pizza on the Christmas menu –

A survey, carried out by the Ooni brand with OpinionWay, revealed that the French are interested in introducing a pizza to the menu for the end of the year celebrations. In the ranking of the biggest consumers of pizza in the world, the French come second after the Americans. On average, a French person would … Read more

Leaps forward in broken jaw surgery

By Dr Nathalie Szapiro-Manoukian Posted 5 hours ago, Update 5 hours ago Some 50,000 soldiers were disfigured by bullets and shrapnel during the First World War. akg-images / Denise Bellon DECRYPTION – Developed with the ravages of the First World War, maxillofacial surgery has made staggering progress in a very short time. It is a … Read more