Dive into Jupiter’s gas vortices in 3D

The images of the storms which agitate the atmosphere of Jupiter are legion. But those offered to us today by researchers are not quite like the others. A 3D view of clouds shaped like cupcake icing. Swirling clouds. Storms of crazy dimensions. Astronomers have already observed many of them on Jupiter. But the view of … Read more

The surface of Ganymede detailed from Earth

Two astronomers used the SPHERE instrument mounted on the VLT to perform high-resolution mapping of Ganymede’s surface. A feat from Earth. Precisely map a moon of Jupiter with a Very Large Telescope spectrometer (the VLT, at Cerro Paranal, in Chile) designed to observe exoplanets? This is what two researchers from the University of Leicester (United … Read more

How Jupiter Could Make Earth Even More Habitable

In his famous undergraduate physics course, the Nobel Prize in physics Richard Feynman showed from the first year how it was possible, with elementary numerical calculation means already on simple computers from the very beginning of the 1960s, to describe and predict the movements of N material points modeling planets moving under the action of … Read more