House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4: (he) coitus fantasy, the return

With its episode 4, the characters of House of the Dragon have only one desire: to take the sword out of its scabbard, in the figurative sense of the term. Warning, minor spoilers! I would already like to be reeeeine “I don’t want a life where I have children until I die”, Rhaenyra exclaims as … Read more

Death of Just Jaeckin, the director of Emmanuelle, at the age of 82

This artist, who loved women so much, to whom we owe the invention of pleasure in French cinema, specializes in this register and has produced the greatest successes of erotic cinema. The rattan armchairs owe him a lot. On the poster, Sylvia Kristel sat shirtless in this exotic seat. Upon release, onlookers flocked to Pier … Read more

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3: the Midday Daemon

House of the Dragonthe dragonesque prequel to Game Of Thrones continues its narrative swerves so the years go by faster than the episodes. The opportunity to draw the swords and heat the dragons? SPOILER WARNING! THE CRUMBLING THRONE After two first episodes conducted with beating drums, House of the Dragon confirms having launched a sacred … Read more

critical in the true Multiverse of Madness

Taxes and dragon Evelyn Wang starts her day very badly in the family laundry. Her husband Waymond is considering divorce, his daughter resents him for not accepting his girlfriend, and her father is visiting the United States, carrying in his luggage all the blame he can throw at his child’s face. emigrated. However, all this … Read more

Death of Eva-Maria Hagen, the “Brigitte Bardot of the GDR”

One of the GDR’s most popular actresses, Eva-Maria Hagen, died on Tuesday August 16 at the age of 87. The German actress and singer Eva-Maria Hagen, figure of the former GDR whom she had ended up leaving for political reasons, died Tuesday August 16 at the age of 87, announced Friday August 19 a door … Read more