RTL GUEST – Buitoni case: “Nestlé killed two children and ruined the lives of many others”, denounces the mother of a victim

Last March, after the discovery of E.coli bacteria in the dough of one of its pizzas, Buitoni announced the withdrawal-recall of all products in the Fraîch’Up range. In total, dozens of children were infected and two died. Ludivine and Théo, the parents of Kelig, who died just a few weeks after eating a Buitoni pizza, … Read more

how kebabs and pizzas took over the world

The grocery store of the world Globalization through 18th century food productse century to the present day. under the direction of Pierre Singaravélou and Sylvain Venayre Fayard, 432 pages, €25 We cannot strongly advise students who are bored during their history-geography lessons to rummage through the shelves of the very serious Grocery of the world. … Read more

why, originally, the pizza was not with tomato?

When we think “pizza”, we automatically think “tomato sauce”. And yet, when it was created in Naples in the 16th century, it was white, as we call today the one with a base of fresh cream, for example. It was something basic since the pizza originally is a simple pancake of bread, hence its name … Read more

Plastic could play a key role in the global obesity epidemic

More and more scientists tend to consider that the environment can have a major impact on obesity. ©PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP science and health More and more scientific studies tend to show that the environment can have a major impact on obesity, due to chemicals. Atlantico: More and more scientists tend to consider that the … Read more

50 to 80 job cuts planned on the Caudry site

After completing its internal investigation, Nestlé France is preparing with the authorities the reopening of its northern site, which has been shut down since mid-March, after a violent health scandal. Six months after the health scandal linked to the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizzas from the Buitoni brand contaminated with E.Coli bacteria, which caused the death … Read more

The meals of prehistoric humans partially reconstructed

In Great Britain, researchers have just found new clues about the diet of the peoples who inhabited the region during the Neolithic era, that is several thousand years before our era. Everything indicates an already elaborate cuisine, made up of mixtures of cereals, dairy products, and sometimes meat! In the north of Scotland, small artificial … Read more

Energy crisis: a Nobel Prize in physics triggers a “pastagate” in Italy

Like France, Italy is trying to save energy to get through the winter. But on the other side of the Alps, people worry about the need to cut their gas or electricity while cooking pasta. Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2021 for his work on the interaction of disorder and fluctuations in physical … Read more

what to do if you ate or bought a Buitoni pizza?

Concern is mounting in France, after an upsurge in infections with the bacterium Escherichia Coli (E.Coli), a bacteria that can be deadly in children and the elderly, more fragile. In particular, the brand of frozen pizzas Buitoni, which discovered this bacterium in the dough of its pizzas from the Fraîch’Up range. This Friday morning, a … Read more

when Pizza Hut offers rice-based pizzas because of the price of wheat

This is called great adaptability. Faced with soaring wheat prices, particularly due to the war in Ukraine, the world-famous company pizza hut decided to adjust the recipe for its products. Our colleagues from the American site Bloomberg announced that the chain would offer in its restaurants located in Japan, rice-based pizzas. This type of product … Read more

Here is the best ham and cheese pizza you can find in a supermarket

It is sometimes difficult to choose THE perfect pizza, especially in supermarkets. After the Buitoni Fraich’UP pizza scandal, contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria, it seems important for many consumers to be even more vigilant. 60 million consumers carried out a survey in its May-June 2022 special issue entitled “Eating healthy, good and cheap”. One of … Read more