Singer Murray Head hospitalized after a road accident near Pau

The artist collided with a heavyweight, a few kilometers from his home. British singer Murray Head, known for his album Say It Ain’t So released in 1975, was hospitalized on Monday September 12 after being the victim of a road accident near Gan (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), a few kilometers from Pau, report our colleagues from France Bleu. … Read more

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4: (he) coitus fantasy, the return

With its episode 4, the characters of House of the Dragon have only one desire: to take the sword out of its scabbard, in the figurative sense of the term. Warning, minor spoilers! I would already like to be reeeeine “I don’t want a life where I have children until I die”, Rhaenyra exclaims as … Read more

Conductor Lars Vogt dies of cancer at 51

The German conductor Lars Vogt died on Monday September 5 at the age of 51, swept away by cancer, announced his agent. “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of German pianist and conductor Lars Vogt“, indicated on Twitter the agency Askonas Holt. “Lars passed away peacefully this afternoon surrounded by his … Read more

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3: the Midday Daemon

House of the Dragonthe dragonesque prequel to Game Of Thrones continues its narrative swerves so the years go by faster than the episodes. The opportunity to draw the swords and heat the dragons? SPOILER WARNING! THE CRUMBLING THRONE After two first episodes conducted with beating drums, House of the Dragon confirms having launched a sacred … Read more

critical in the true Multiverse of Madness

Taxes and dragon Evelyn Wang starts her day very badly in the family laundry. Her husband Waymond is considering divorce, his daughter resents him for not accepting his girlfriend, and her father is visiting the United States, carrying in his luggage all the blame he can throw at his child’s face. emigrated. However, all this … Read more

Swiss Reggae Band Sparks Debate About Cultural Appropriation

By Bleuenn Robert Published 4 hours ago, Update 12 minutes ago Accused of cultural appropriation, the musicians of the Bernese group Lauwarm will not cut their dreadlocks. Screenshot Instagram @lauwarm_music Forced to interrupt its concert in a brasserie in Bern, the Lauwarn group is at the heart of a controversy that would like to see … Read more