Possible aurora borealis as far south as Quebec!

A moderate geomagnetic storm will affect Earth for the next two days. A Kp index of 6 is on the radar for the night from Saturday to Sunday. Such a situation could allow sectors further south to see the colored veils in the sky – provided they are far from light pollution. The surroundings of … Read more

Dive into Jupiter’s gas vortices in 3D

The images of the storms which agitate the atmosphere of Jupiter are legion. But those offered to us today by researchers are not quite like the others. A 3D view of clouds shaped like cupcake icing. Swirling clouds. Storms of crazy dimensions. Astronomers have already observed many of them on Jupiter. But the view of … Read more

Fall 2022: something almost never seen in Quebec

In short : A warmer than normal fall; Abundant but punctual precipitation; Transition to winter to watch in November. An abnormal context The summer was hot in Quebec. Autumn follows the same trend this year. MétéoMédia experts estimate that the season will be warmer than normal, in an exceptional context. Some important factors will modulate … Read more

30°C Days in September: The New Normal?

It used to be the custom to put away white clothes after Labor Day. But now a week after this holiday, sandals and t-shirts are still de rigueur, at least in several regions of Quebec which are flirting with 30°C this weekend. Moreover, recent history informs us that this kind of scenario could repeat itself … Read more

Northern lights: Quebec could be entitled to a superb spectacle

The aurora borealis is born from the interaction between particles from the solar winds and the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The different colors composing the auroras are explained by the composition of the solar winds. Thus oxygen will give green and red tints, while nitrogen, for example, will color the sky blue, red and … Read more