How to adjust your Apple Watch heart rate notifications

If you have an Apple Watch, you may occasionally receive high or low heart rate notifications. Apple sets its notifications with standard levels that might be too high or too low for some users. Example of too low heart rate notification in the Health app. If you see these notifications a little too often (and … Read more

First tests of the Apple Watch Ultra: does the big watch make a big splash?

The Apple Watch Ultra will be available to early customers starting this Friday, September 23, 2022, which means the press has received early copies. The first tests have been published and this gives us the opportunity to make an initial assessment of this brand new connected watch sold from €999 and intended for athletes, before … Read more

Comparison: the Series 8 against the Apple Watch Ultra

As the first lucky ones get ready to receive their Apple Watch Ultra, you may still be tormenting yourself by several tabs of the Apple Store. Should you spend almost €1,000 for a superb watch intended for great athletes, or choose reason and move towards a “simple” Series 8 in aluminium? Here is a little … Read more

Apple Watch 8 vs Watch 7: The Apple Smartwatch Comparison

In addition to the new Apple Watch 8, the Apple brand has also announced the Apple Watch Ultra, a version “for athletes and adventurers of all kinds”. So the Apple Watch 8 is no longer the most advanced model in Apple’s line of smartwatches. However, of course, that won’t impact the relevance of what is … Read more