Vast majority of Apple’s contractors are in China, but US share is growing

Even though Apple is looking to diversify its supply chain, China still accounts for the vast majority of contractors working for the automaker, while the share of US-based companies is increasing significantly. The updated list of suppliers put online by Apple, and which is based on data from September 2021, shows that 150 of the … Read more

Pretty summer or rotten summer for Apple? The financial results will be known on October 27

On October 27, we will know everything. OK, maybe not everything and probably not why “42” is the answer to the big question about life, the universe, and everything else, but at least we’ll know the numbers for Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter! Admit it, it’s already not so bad. The unveiling of these results and … Read more

Apple Music will sponsor the Super Bowl show

Apple has just closed what is arguably the biggest sponsorship deal in its history. Apple Music will replace Pepsi as sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show, the final of the American football championship which is quite simply the most watched television event in the United States. As many as 120 million people watched Dr. … Read more

Apple devices at the top of the Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer

Apple devices are particularly well rated by the latest Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer: they appear in first place in the rankings of “in-ear headphones”, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and connected watches! In fact, Apple is at the top of all computer categories where the manufacturer’s products appear. The Fnac Darty barometer for laptops. … Read more

United Kingdom: Apple Stores will be closed next Monday for the funeral of Elizabeth II

UK Apple Stores will be closed next Monday following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It is on this date that the royal funeral will take place, and the 39 Apple stores across the Channel will therefore temporarily draw the curtain. September 19 will also mark the end of the national mourning observed since the … Read more

Soaring prices: is Apple rinsing on the back of Europe?

During the keynote, Apple was good at pointing out that the prices of the iPhone 14 had not increased compared to the previous generation. It’s true… in the United States. Because in Europe, we felt the rise pass! Roughly speaking, on the old continent new smartphones cost 15% more than their predecessors. And in France, … Read more