Sylvie Tellier ousted from the Miss France committee: revelations about her much-criticized personality behind the scenes

On August 31, news that had been dreaded for several months was confirmed: Sylvie Tellier left her position as general manager within the company Miss France. A company she left after 17 years of service. It is necessarily with great emotion that she announced her departure, through a video where she hardly holds back her tears. Sylvie Tellier also entrusted to leave in the best conditions, without any war, in particular with the new CEO of the company Miss France Alexia Laroche-Joubert.

But behind the scenes, Parisian revealed that the ex-beauty queen was actually starting to get in some trouble. Indeed, if some find a side to it “laugh and joke“, others on the other hand portray it as a “despot“, “not always pleasant“, “too demanding and often dissatisfied“.Sylvie Tellier can’t stand not having the upper hand over a person, she made many people around her crack by making terror reign“, told the ex-producer Caroline Gavignet.

What’s more, the tendency that she would have had to accompany her family (her husband Laurent and her three children Oscar, 10 years old, Margaux, 8 years old, and Roméo, 4 years old) during the preparatory trips of the Misses or even to install them”in the suites of major Parisian hotels the day after the election“was not to please.”She combined the useful with the pleasant“, points to an anonymous source. Another defends Sylvie Tellier, however, stating that she has always taken care of paying the costs for the members of her family.

We had lost the ceremonial side a bit

Besides, it’s what happened to the contest that seems to be getting in the way. “A show that is reminiscent of the XXL fashion show at Victoria’s Secret“which Sylvie Tellier rather welcomed, highlighting peaks at 10 million viewers, but which is not unanimous internally. “The show was beautiful before, no one will say the opposite. But we had lost the ceremonial side a bit. The girls are not models, if there is one who falls, it is not very serious. Besides, the peak at 9 or 10 million is the 24 minutes during which they show up. We’ll go back to basics, this Cinderella fable“, notes Frédéric Gilbert, the new artistic producer chosen by Alexia Laroche-Joubert.

Sylvie Tellier will in any case have the opportunity to experience her last ceremony this year, after which she will hand over to her replacement Cindy Fabre. Again, a personality designated by Alexia Laroche-Joubert. “I chose Cindy because she is a very nice person who has already proven herself in the working world (she owns an event company)“, justified the director.

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