Star Academy, Julien in heat with the very low-cut Elodie Frégé: “He couldn’t take it anymore”, Slimane swings live

Rebellious, undisciplined but very endearing student of the star Academy, Julien seems to have fallen in love with a former big star of the show. Big winner of the tele-hook of TF1 in 2003 during the third season, Elodie Frégé literally bewitched the young man with a long black satin dress with an XXL neckline. Facing Nikos Aliagas, the interpreter of the title The belt swayed her hips in a very sensual way on the set. Remembering his beginnings in the star Academyshe says:I got tripped up a lot before I managed to wiggle my hips a little…“. Sexy, she then waddled in front of the students and teachers of the castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys, all a little troubled by her sex appeal.

Trying to find out what Slimane thought about Elodie Frégé’s performance, Nikos Aliagas asks him: “Slimane, has sensuality reached you?“. Hilarious, the former acolyte of Vitaa answers him with a big smile on his lips: “She especially arrived until Julien in any case…. He couldn’t take it anymore!“. Caught with a fit of laughter, the singer and student of the star Academy then clapped their hands to show their great complicity. “That’s nonsense, that’s it!” added Julien, perhaps a little embarrassed that his desires are not revealed in broad daylight? “It warms you up a bit“adds the companion of Tina Grigoriou, amused by this surprising revelation.

A few days ago, the public had been able to see Julien kiss Chris, one of the other candidates of the Star Ac.There is no rapprochement with Chris, in fact it is the effect of alcohol and the party that caused this kiss. We weren’t drunk but we were messing around. I am very open, I have no taboos and neither does he! We found it funny. Besides, there is, so to speak, no amorous rapprochement in the castlebecause everyone is mad!” he explained to TVMag. Julien also sent words of love to Anisha, another student at the castle: “I love (or I love you) a lot Anisha“.

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