Sofia Essaïdi “very modest” at Star Academy? She makes amazing revelations

For the second issue of his new show A Sunday in the countryside on France 2, Frederic Lopez received Michele Bernierthe mentalist Fabien Olicard and Sofia Essaidi.

If today Sofia Essaidi has made a name for herself by playing in many series, in particular The Fighters on TF1, the 38-year-old young woman became known to the general public by participating in season 3 of the star Academy presented by Nikos Aliagas on TF1. She was then only 19 years old. She was eliminated in the semi-final against Elodie Fregewinner of this season. “A dreamshe says, thinking back to those four months she spent at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. At first, it was very complicated with the cameras. I am very modest. I remember that there were places where there was a bush. When I wasn’t well, I went to cry there (…) But at that time, I didn’t want to be vulnerable. It was not possible. I was a war machine.”

A memorable encounter with Sting during Star Academy

Sofia Essaïdi was surprised to see one of her performances with Sting on the title Roxane. “It is at the same time one of the finest and most terrifying moments of my career, she reacted. I’m 19, we must be in the third or fourth prime, and at the time we are live in front of 10 million viewers. I am warned a few days before I sing with Sting and I start preparing the slightly more rock version of Police. Two days before, the production comes to tell me: ‘Listen Sofia, we have a little problem, it’s that we don’t know which version he wants to do. Learn the lyrics and you’ll see. The singer also remembers her unique encounter with the 71-year-old singer: “I meet a delicious being, so simple, so humble, so extraordinary. And I’m like, ‘Look, I’m sorry, but I’m really stressed because I don’t know what to do.’ He looks at me and says: ‘Don’t worry, follow me'”, she said.

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