Shock and amazement around the coffin of Elizabeth II: a serious incident occurs in Westminster

At the time of meditation, a serious incident occurred last night around the coffin of Elizabeth II exposed since the beginning of the week at Westminster Hall. Account of a shocking event.

For almost a week, the British and other curious visitors have had to be patient to pay their last respects to the Queen., disappeared Thursday, September 8 at the end of the day, at the age of 96. It is indeed necessary to drag your feet no less than 24 hours to reach the coffin of Elizabeth II exposed in the heart of Westminster Hall. Covered with the Royal Standard, the royal standard, the final resting place of the woman affectionately nicknamed “Lilibet” sees subjects come from all over the United Kingdom. To ensure its safety, soldiers from the Household Division, the Blues and Royals and the Life Guard take turns every twenty minutes, as well as the Gentlemen at Arms, the Royal Company of Archers and the Yeomen of the Guard. Yesterday, it was the turn of one of the most famous subjects of the Queen to come and shed his little tear: David Beckham. The former football star’s stint was overshadowed by a serious incident overnight.

It was ten o’clock in the evening when a man rushed to the coffin of Elizabeth II, grabbing the Royal Standard, just minutes after the departure of Charles III. The police immediately swooped down on him to immobilize him on the ground. The individual was then evacuated from Westminster. The incident caused the interruption of the live broadcast of the event on the BBC for about fifteen minutes. After the shock and amazement came the time for rumours. Some are convinced that the assailant wanted to remove the royal ornament to offer the coffin for all to see. Asked by the Sungrieving Britons testify to a scene “ extremely painful ” to watch : “It’s such a lack of respect for the body [d’Elizabeth II]. We never expected to see this one day. » In an official press release, the police reveal that the man was arrested and then placed in detention for disturbing public order.

A last weekend to meditate in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II

This Saturday, September 17 in the morning, there are still hundreds of thousands of visitors who have come to Westminster to gather in front of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. Last night the queue still stretched for miles along the Thames. According to the government, there was then approximately no less than 22 hours of waiting. London transport officials say 750,000 people could still file past Elizabeth II’s coffin until dawn on Monday morning. At 10 a.m. (GMT), the Queen’s remains will be expected at Westminster Abbey where more than 2,000 handpicked guests – including Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden and crowned heads – will attend her funeral, an event of an unparalleled scale, greater than that of the Olympic Games organized in London ten years ago. After a ceremony with great pomp, Elizabeth II will finally be buried in the privacy of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle where she will rest alongside her father, King George VI, and her husband, Prince Philip.

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The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II
The individual grabbed the Royal Standard.

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The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster
The man was arrested and then taken into custody by the police.

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The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II
The incident caused the interruption of the live broadcast of the event on the BBC for about fifteen minutes.

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Elizabeth II
There are about 22 hours of waiting to get to his coffin.

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Elizabeth II
The coffin of Elizabeth II will be presented to the public until Monday morning at dawn.

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Elizabeth II
The funeral of Elizabeth II will take place Monday morning at Westminster Abbey.

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Elizabeth II
Heads of state and crowned heads are expected at the funeral of Elizabeth II.

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Elizabeth II and Phillip
Elizabeth II will be buried at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor alongside her husband, Prince Philip.

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