Sharon Stone announces cancer: ‘I have a large fibroid that needs to be removed’

The 64-year-old American star announced it on social media on Tuesday.

Walking, talking, reading, writing: all these functions acquired a priori can disappear in an instant. American actress Sharon Stone experienced it. Victim of a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) in 2001, she said on several occasions: “I only had a 5% chance of surviving that. My whole life completely disappeared from my mind”.

Second opinion

Once again, the star of Basic Instinct has to fight the disease at the age of 64. This Wednesday, she announced on Twitter that she was suffering from cancer, a tumor spotted after a bad diagnosis. And that needs to be operated on and removed. “As the pain worsened, I asked for a second opinion”she explains. “I have a large fibroid that needs to be removed”. “I will be inactive for 4-6 weeks to fully recover”.

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