Seven to Eight – “Sad reality”, “a scourge”, “it’s not possible”: Internet users angry after a report on injections

On Twitter, Internet users blasted aesthetic medicine

This Sunday, September 4, on TF1, Sept à Huit is broadcasting a report on the excesses of aesthetic medicine: illegal injections with their consequences which can prove to be particularly dangerous for clients. On Twitter, the comments are linked: many deplore the excess injections and the behavior of these women.

Sometimes without training, or sometimes with a simple training of a few days, “sorcerer’s apprentices” in aesthetic medicine perform injections of hyaluronic acid in the face of their clients. An illegal practice since these methods must be carried out by doctors. Indeed, they are not trivial and there is a risk of complication. This is the subject of this Sunday, September 4 in Sept à Huit, broadcast on TF1.

Harry Roselmack’s Minute

Thanks to these new and increasingly coveted services, it would be possible to earn a lot of money. Up to 30,000 euros per month, according to one of them, interviewed by the show. A particularly lucrative business that aims to plump up the lips or smooth the face to hide wrinkles. So lucrative that even beauty salons are getting into it, despite the illegality of these methods. The problem ? People who get into this have no medical training and therefore don’t know what to do in case of complications. Others even go so far as to buy their products from low-cost suppliers, found on Instagram, thus questioning the quality of their material.

Clients, ready to do anything to look like their models of beauty, do not hesitate to go to these “institutes” at the risk of finding themselves disfigured. This is the case of Léa, who wanted to redo her mouth to win back her boyfriend and took the opportunity to make injections in the chin. Deceived by the professional appearance of this fake doctor’s Instagram account, she ended up with a completely swollen mouth, but also with many pimples on the lower face. According to the doctor who treated her, for the past two years, there has been an upsurge in complications following injections of hyaluronic acid. And these can be very serious.

Doe eyes, fine nose, luscious mouth…

If all these women are rushing towards these false professionals of aesthetic medicine, it is to look like their models of beauty conveyed on social networks. This is explained by one of the speakers, accustomed to injections at only 31 years old: “It helps me to love myself more”. On Twitter, this is what Internet users deplore, annoyed to see these women stuck in superficiality. What also shocks them is their credulity since they go to the first salon they come across.

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