Servant for his toothbrush, ironed shoelaces… The crazy list of ridiculous demands of King Charles III


It hasn’t even been a week since he inherited the title of king Charles III, but the son of Elizabeth II – who died on Thursday September 8, 2022, is already at the center of mockery and mistrust within the United Kingdom. In question ? According to some, he would simply not have the stuff to handle such a leadership role and would be unable to make important decisions.

King Charles III unable to do anything on his own

Inappropriate criticism even though we have not yet been able to discover it in action? Not really. As the New York Post recalls, it was in 2015 that Amazon Prime Video uploaded the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside the Firmwhich at the time revealed behind the scenes of the royal family through the testimonies of former employees.

On this occasion, Paul Burrell – who has long served as butler to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, was not tender with the former Prince of Wales, described as the “pampered prince“. And for good reason, according to his words, the father of Harry and William would have since his birth got into the habit of doing everything in his place. Absolutely everything.

His pajamas are ironed every morning, as are his shoelaceshe revealed as well. The drain of his bathtub must be placed in a certain position and the temperature of the water must be simply lukewarm, while the bathtub does not…

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