Serge Haroche: “Cassandre’s choice”

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50 YEARS OF THE DOT. For the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, scientists have no choice: they must believe in the future, even if it seems bleak.

Nobel Prize in Physics 2012 Researcher in quantum physics.  Latest work published:

Nobel Prize in Physics 2012

Researcher in quantum physics. Last published work: “The Revealed Light” (Odile Jacob).

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Lhe researcher Serge Haroche spent his life studying the secrets of light, the study of which marked the work of Galileo as well as that of Einstein. In The light revealed, he endeavored to show the essential role that questions about light have played in the development of our representation of the Universe and the theory of relativity, or even in the development of quantum theory and the apprehension of the infinitely small. The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics explained to the Point two years ago : “Research is by definition a risky activity! It is often from this open and ambitious research that great inventions are born. »

” Point ” : What does the motto of the “Point”, “choose not to despair of anything” inspire in you?

Serge Haroche: This formulation…

Khanh Renaud For The Point

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