Sébastien (Love is in the pre 2022): his story already spoiled by a disappointed suitor?

In February 2022, Karine Le Marchand presented the 13 farmers who want to find their better half in Love is in the meadow 2022. Among them, Sebastian, 35, a Corsican pig breeder, immediately caught the eye of the fans. In the first show of the season, during which a farmer appeared transformed, the candidate met his suitors. After discussing with several women, he chose to propose to Perrine and Leah to come and spend a few days with him at the farm.

Internet users quickly noticed that one of them had already participated in another big television show. Indeed, Perrine was one of the artists of The Voice Belgium in 2017 and she was eliminated during the duel event. Many Internet users then accused her of not having a sincere approach and of having enrolled in the program presented by Karine Le Marchand to gain notoriety.

Did Perrine spoil her adventure and that of Sébastien?

In any case, obviously, the singer who has drawn the wrath of viewers would not have found love in the show. On August 18, in the caption of her new Facebook profile photo, she quoted lyrics from Michael Bublé’s song, Haven’t Met You Yetthe credits of the show: “I’m not surprised, everything doesn’t last, I’ve broken my heart so many times that I stop following.

Does this really mean that Perrine is currently single and therefore that she will not end up with Sébastien? Answer in the next episodes of Love is in the meadow 2022

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