Samsung pokes fun at Apple and the lack of a foldable iPhone in an ad

Samsung likes to make fun of Apple and does it again today with an ad about the absence of foldable iPhones in the market. The manufacturer ensures that its American competitor waits instead of innovating first.

In its ad, Samsung alludes to Apple without ever saying its name, with people sitting at a table using MacBooks. A man is sitting on a fence and someone from Apple tells him that is not possible. “But on the Samsung side, they have foldable phones and epic cameras,” replies the man. “Did you just say foldable phones? », reacts a woman holding an iPhone in her hand.

The person from Apple who originally stopped the man on the fence tells him he shouldn’t leave, “We are waiting for all this to come here”. The tall man then responds ” why ? It’s already there.” to which the person from Apple responds: “because that’s what we do. We are waiting “.

Samsung actually offers several foldable smartphones, the latest being the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. The first closes like a book, the second folds vertically on itself.

You should know that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, but it wouldn’t arrive before 2025. The manufacturer is also working on a foldable iPad arriving in 2024. And the screen supplier would be… Samsung.

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