Samsung mocks Apple’s iPhone 14s even before they’re announced

Samsung has unveiled an advertisement praising the merits of its Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra. This one has a particularity, since it makes fun of the still unofficial iPhone 14s. A tradition at Samsung.

The iPhone 14 will be presented on September 7, next Wednesday, through the traditional Apple Keynote. What is also traditional is to see Samsung making fun of the Californian brand’s products in its advertising spots. This year is no exception to the rule.

Samsung has indeed released a new ad named Buckle Up. It praises the merits of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, while cheerfully mocking the new terminals of its direct competitor.

Samsung has been mocking Apple for over a decade

This advertisement does not hesitate not to name Apple iPhones. “Get ready for the upcoming Apple product launch,” the ad says. Then, the innovations present on the Z Flip 4 and the S22 Ultra are set out. The advertisement ends with a “these innovations will not come soon in the iPhone, since they are already there”.

War is declared, so… at least for this year. Attacking Apple directly is actually a tradition at the Korean manufacturer. This dates back to the early 2010s, a pivotal moment when Samsung was trying to impose itself on Apple’s ground with the first Galaxy S. We remember, for example, the The Next Big Thing advertisement, which openly laughed at customers queuing in front of Apple Stores. She touting the merits of the Galaxy S2.

The following years, Samsung continued. We remember, for example 2017 advertisement, on the occasion of the release of the iPhone X, which had parodied an Apple user with a notch on the head.

In 2022, Samsung seems less inspired, contenting itself with simply extolling the merits of its products compared to the competition. Or is it wisdom?

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In any case, these spots are always fun to see. Apple is mocked here, but the Cupertino brand has happened to use this kind of method. We all remember the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” spots in the 2000s, which didn’t hesitate to go very far in mocking Microsoft.

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