Samsung mocks Apple and iPhone 14 ahead of announcement

Samsung posted a new advertisement that mocks Apple and more specifically the iPhone 14, just days before the official announcement of the smartphone.

In its ad, Samsung says: “Fasten your seatbelt for Apple’s latest launch. You are entering a world where heads will turn, but not in your direction”. We are entitled to the narrator indicating that “the highest definition of a smartphone will be in someone else’s pocket”. We then see the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its 108 megapixel photo sensor. By comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a rumored 48-megapixel one. Non-Pro iPhone 14s will remain at 12 megapixels.

Samsung later indicates that “This Epic Moon Photo That Gets All Likes Won’t Be Yours”. This is explained by the possibility of having a x100 zoom from the Korean manufacturer.

The ad ends with: “This innovation is not about to arrive on an iPhone near you. It’s already here in the galaxy”hinting at the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

As a reminder, Samsung likes to publish advertisements mocking Apple. Some, however, can make you smile today. For example, Samsung made fun of Apple and the removal of the charger from the iPhone box. It turns out that the Galaxy no longer have a charger in the box, like the iPhone. Worse: the manufacturer has withdrawn the advertisement, no longer really assuming.

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