Safari Technology Preview: Apple releases version 154

Apple releases the 154th version of Safari Technology Preview today. This is the experimental version of Safari to allow developers to preview what’s to come in the browser.

Availability of Safari Technology Preview 154

For this release, Apple says it focused on Web Inspector, CSS, JavaScript, Rendering, Reporting API, Web API, Accessibility, Media, and Smart Tracking Prevention. The tab group system does not work with this release, as do shared tab groups, per-site settings, and extensions.

Developers are encouraged to read the full changes on Apple’s site. The download is done by clicking here for macOS Monterey and by clicking here for macOS Ventura. Go to System Preferences (or System Settings on macOS Ventura) > Software Update to download the new update if you have a previous version of Safari Technology Preview already installed.

Starting with version 147, Safari Technology Preview builds on Safari 16. This update includes several new features, including Live Text, better web technology support, improved push notifications, Passkeys, improved Safari web extensions, Web Inspector Extensions and Flexbox Inspector.

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