Risk of heavy rain: Météo France forecasts a Mediterranean episode for this weekend

Météo France is planning a Mediterranean episode from Friday evening. The Pyrénées-Orientales and part of the south-east of the country are affected by a risk of heavy rain.

“This weekend, a rainy-stormy episode should affect the South-West on Saturday then extend to the South-East over the period with a probable setting up of a Mediterranean episode. The disturbance could affect “a large southern third with abundant rains all over the Mediterranean region”Here is for the moment what it is necessary to retain forecasts of Météo France, raised on its site this September 20th.

u26a0ufe0fAt the end of the week, the flow will gradually turn to the southwest, with sea entries and rains to be expected on the Mediterranean side. Precipitation is expected to intensify for the #weekendtaking on a stormy character.

u27a1ufe0f https://t.co/YwurdKj4Id

— Meteo-France (@meteofrance) September 19, 2022

It is too early to give more reliable indications, forecasters from Meteo France cannot yet confirm either the accumulation or the sectors affected in four days. But one thing is certain, a deterioration is forming in the Mediterranean, presaging rough weather on the coast of Languedoc and Roussillon for this weekend.

Mediterranean episode by Journal L’Indépendant on Scribd

According to Florence Vaysse, Meteo France referent, the trend for this weekend pushes forecasters to talk about “dangerous phenomenon“due to the probability of heavy rains as indicated by the weather models. In the Pyrénées-Orientales, the day of Saturday is particularly under surveillance with a high risk of precipitation of a stormy nature.

u26c8 A disturbed weekend is confirmed with a low pressure anomaly associated with fresh air moving over Spain and Portugal. Risk of heavy & stormy rains in the south-east of the country for the weekend. (via @wxcharts) pic.twitter.com/UUHJwxKn0R

— Guillaume Séchet (@Meteovilles) September 20, 2022

On Monday, stormy rains could still linger over the south-east of the country. The meteorological models not being fixed yet, it could rather be a Cevennes episode, and the “abundant” accumulations would then concentrate “mainly in the departments close to the Cévennes”underlines again meteo France.

The Weather Channel predicts for its part for this weekend a rise of humid air in the Mediterranean Sea which “will promote the development of heavy rains and possibly strong instability conducive to thunderstorms“. Precipitation of 50 to 100mm is expected on the Mediterranean rim and the Pyrenees.

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