Remarkably early frost and frost this Sunday morning

Thanks to a clear night and in the absence of wind, temperatures locally fell very locally below 0°C in certain regions. Central Brittany, Champagne, Center Val de Loire and Auvergne as well as Limousin suffered frost and a few frosts with minimum temperatures between 0 and -1°C, which is early in these regions, the first frosts being generally observed around October 15th.

Some early cold records recorded in Brittany

Monthly cold records were beaten in Brennilis (29) with 0.2°C under shelter (previous record of 2.5° on September 29, 2007) and in Brest (29), where the minimum temperature reached 2.9 °C (previous record of 3.3° on September 18, 2017).

In Fontainebleau (77), with a minimum of 0.2°C this morning, white frosts were observed in the forest zone. So don’t be surprised if when you get up this morning, you very temporarily and locally discover a little frost where the temperatures were lowest.

Credit: The Weather Channel

Difference between forecast temperatures at 1.5m and ground temperatures

During anticyclonic situations with calm and clear nights, a difference of 2 to 4°C is observed between the temperatures forecast at a height of 1.5m, under weather shelter and those forecast at ground level. It is therefore possible that the Weather Channel predicts a temperature of 5°C in your locality while you observe hoarfrost in your garden.

The coldest air (the densest) is maintained on a thickness of about twenty centimeters above the ground whereas at the height of a man, a mass of less cold air is observed, the difference being able to reach 2 to 5°C.

Credit: The Weather Channel

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