Relaxing Garden Tails puzzle comes to Apple Arcade Garden

As announced at the end of August, Garden Tails: Match and Grow will be released exclusively on Apple Arcade. Signed Playdots, a studio that amazed us with its Two Dots, Garden Tails is roughly comparable to a Candy Crush type match-3 game. Let’s see together what distinguishes it from the mythical title of King.

Garden Tails: Match and Grow

“If you love wildlife and nature or are just looking for a way to relax, you’ll love this game!” This is how Garden Tails is presented.

Your goal, if you accept it, is to build your own garden, beautiful, zen and relaxing. To achieve this, you will have to solve match-3 puzzles in order to unlock flowers, bushes and friendly animals.

Your plot of land should become a safe haven for all types of life, from the most common creatures to the rarest species! Playdots has not only integrated a match-3 system into its game, but a whole story to discover, especially with the past of the animals that you will meet over time.

Here are the strengths of Garden Tails:

  • COLLECT a wide variety of animals, flowers and plants in your interactive garden!
  • STRATEGY moves, create bonuses and master the art of matching!
  • TRAIN your brain from the comfort of your couch. Garden Tails features smart, fun and thoughtful design!
  • TRAVEL to a lush world from the comfort of your couch. Watch your space welcome new life like bunnies and butterflies!
  • RELAX and enjoy a beautiful garden and soothing sounds. It’s time to relax, at your own pace!

Take a break, (take a Kit-Kart) sit down and start growing your garden. Candy Crush fans can experience it exclusively on Apple Arcade. A title compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Download the game Garden Tails

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