Putting a crying baby to sleep: scientists in Japan may have found the solution

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According to a study conducted by scientists in Japan, walking for several minutes with your crying baby in your arms would help him fall asleep.

A team of scientists from the “Riken center for brain science” in Japan have looked into one of the questions that can worry young parents: how to put a crying baby to sleep?

“About 20-30% of infants cry excessively and have difficulty sleeping for no apparent reason, causing parental stress and even triggering impulsive child abuse in a small number of cases,” reads an article on the study. , published in the journal Current Biology.

According to the study, in which about 20 toddlers were carried by their mothers, holding the crying baby close to you and walking for five minutes would reduce her crying and help her fall asleep, then sitting still for 5 to 8 minutes. holding him against you before putting him back in his cradle would tend to prevent him from waking up.

“A flat walk, at a steady pace”

According to scientists, walking with your child in your arms would activate the baby’s “carrying response”, a reaction observed in several altricial mammals – “whose young stay in the nest for a long time under the protection of the parents, who bring them food” defines Larousse. “The five-minute walk should be done on a flat, clear path and at a steady pace, preferably without stopping or sharp turns,” the article states.

Scientists also indicate that the baby would match his heart rate to that of the parent who cradles him against him, details The Parisian. The change in heart rate, when their body detaches from their mother’s, would be enough to wake them up right away. Hence the advice to sit for several minutes holding your child before putting him in his crib.

“The present study is exploratory and needs to be confirmed by more specific experiments with larger samples,” the article states.

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