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“The Picture I Didn’t Take” by Thomas Rozec

It happens that an image of war never reaches us. Because the photojournalist couldn’t press the shutter button on his camera, because he refused to do so or simply because his photo was never released. Invisible to others, this image often haunts the mind of whoever let it slip. In a series of 4 episodes for “Programme B”, a news podcast from the Binge Audio site, Léna Mauger, former editor-in-chief of the “XXI” and “6 Months” magazines, asked several major names in the profession to tell ” their “missing image: Véronique de Viguerie, Laurence Jay, Alain Keler, Noël Quidu…

As often, these missed opportunities, marked by violence, concern children, and these confidences are therefore not to be put between all ears. Each gives us a better understanding of the delicate posture of the war photographer, this witness to the worst, forced to grasp the atrocity and the harshness of the history that passes before his eyes. HR

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“Program B” – Binge.Audio

“The Four Seasons Isn’t Just Pizza” by Saskia de Ville


Is classical music reserved for an elite? Certainly not when you listen to Saskia de Ville’s program on France Musique . She receives personalities from various backgrounds – Jacques Weber, Gérard Garouste, Thomas Sotto, Alexis Michalik, etc. – who come to talk about their connection and their taste for this major art by proposing the playlist of their choice. Another way of apprehending and decompartmentalising “great” music, with intimate and touching stories.

Like the confidences of Eva Bester, the host of “l’Embellie” (on France Inter every Sunday at 10:10 a.m.), who confesses a passion for Bach: “With him, my soul is at the top of the social hierarchy”, she said, convinced that“we are the conductor of our mind since we decide what we think about, whereas in a book a scene is imposed on us”. If she also likes Chopin (“total enchantment”) and Schubert (“It causes dazzling”), the music-loving journalist humorously advises against Purcell, except “to wish ill on mankind” or want “plunge the whole community into absolute sadness”. Quite the opposite of this joyful and sparkling podcast. NB

Monday to Friday, at 12:30 p.m. on France Musique. Radiofrance.fr

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