Prince Harry: what the cover photo of his memoir heavily suggests

The release of Prince Harry’s memoir entitled “The Substitute” is scheduled for January 10. The cover of the book which was finely chosen by the prince is heavy with meaning.

  • The release of Prince Harry’s memoir is scheduled for January 10
  • The cover of the book has been unveiled and shows Prince Harry, taken in close-up, as a soldier
  • This would be a message for the royal family

Memoirs of Prince Harry be part of books the most anticipated by the general public. Only a few more weeks to wait since the release of the book “The Alternate” would be planned for January 10 next, according to Gala. A date that has already been postponed since initially, this book was planned for this month of November. The reason for this postponement would be related to the content since Prince Harry, 38, had a lot to say and he had hard to organize everything. What is certain is that the cover of the book will be the same regardless of the edition. Also, while the contents are still a total mystery to the general public, the cover of the book has already been revealed. This is a meaningful photo since it represents Prince Harry as a Soldierreports the media.

Although fans and royal experts are scrutinizing every detail regarding the content of the book, only the editors and translators know what is going on so far. Note that the book will be published and translated under 16 different languages. As for the cover of the book, the Duke of Sussex is presented in close-up with a “brown t-shirt and leather collar around the neck“. This photo was taken by Ramona Rosalesan American photographer who is not in her first collaboration with the Sussexes since she had already worked with Meghan Markle, 41 years old.

Prince Harry defines himself as a strong man

Prince Harry’s attitude and clothes would in no way be by chanceaccording to Daily Telegraph. Indeed, the husband of Meghan Markle would represent his profession in the British army as soldier for almost 10 years. Note that the brother of the Prince of Wales made two missions in Afghanistan. Which is surely one of the reasons why he presents himself as a strong man, according to the Gala. Presenting himself as a soldier shows his strength as a man, but above all his strength of character, although he no longer has the right to represent the British army following his departure from the royal family. This choice would also be a way of “defy future reprisals from his family, and show strength of character“, always according to our colleagues.

Is Prince Harry Plagiarizing Another Famous Autobiography?

Gala also reports that the book Spare of prince Harry recalls autobiography open of the famous Andre Agassi. Moreover, the two books are published by the same publisher and were written by the same author, JR Moehringer. Suffice to say, the two books have a lot in common, such as the single word in the title or the close-up face on the cover. Either way, Andre Agassi’s memoir was a hit. As for the memoirs of Prince Harry, it is on January 10 that we will be able to know if this will also be the case.

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