Preview of the Apple TV 4K 2022 and its new, even more compact body

We received this morning what should be the last Apple product of the year: the new Apple TV 4K! This 2022 vintage is not a revolution but brings some welcome novelties in addition to a more compact redesign. We’ll get into the technical details during our full test, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at the owner.

The first thing that surprises is that Apple has revised the size of the box of its product: it is now much less imposing. The Apple has also ignored the plastic, and only two small tabs can seal the package.

Boxes of the Apple TV 4K 2022 (left) and 2021 (right).

In the box, there is the box, a power cable, the Siri Remote and a small manual whose format has been adapted to that of the packaging. Still no HDMI cable, or even enough to charge the remote control. We would have appreciated a little effort on that side, but given that Apple is lowering prices compared to last year, we are not going to ask too much of it either.

If the cardboard is less bulky, the case is also significantly smaller than the Apple TV 4K 2021. This new model is 4 mm lower and 5 mm narrower. A change that is immediately noticeable.

The case is also lighter: less than 215 grams, where the previous version weighed 425 g! This difference is explained by the removal of the fan, which Apple justifies by better energy management of the A15 chip.

Another detail: the logo at the top of the case ignores the inscription “TV” to leave only a simple Apple. This Apple TV 4K therefore looks like a reduced model of Mac mini, in a little darker. Under the machine, Cupertino has removed the ventilation slots dedicated to the fan as well as its logo.

On the remote control side, no drastic change in sight. Cupertino keeps the rather nice design that appeared last year, but swaps the Lightning for USB-C. A step in the right direction, and Apple has no choice anyway.

Siri Remote in USB-C and Lightning.

The new model is sold in two versions: a first at €169 only in Wi-Fi and with 64 GB of storage, and a second at €189 gaining an Ethernet port, Thread protocol support and 128 GB of storage. The accessory is available from Apple and soon from retailers.

See you in a few days for our detailed test!


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