Pizza Hut and Louis Vuitton, had Mikhail Gorbachev sold his soul to capitalism?

First opus, in 1997. Pizza Hut established itself on the Russian market. The famous American fast-food chain is looking for an image, an identity, and the competition is fierce, including elsewhere on the planet. Gorbachev is looking for funds for his foundation. His project ofPerestroika Library and Archives” does not benefit from any public aid and times are tough, very tough. The negotiation is complex, but in the end, the man ofEstate accepts. Anxious to anticipate criticism, the Gorbachev Foundation communicates on the issue even before the broadcast of the spot. The words are chosen, the leader would have been constrained by the circumstances: “Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader who introduced the world to the words ‘perestroika’ and ‘glasnost’, was forced to appear in a Pizza Hut ad to raise money for the ‘Perestroika Library and Archive’ “.

Previously, the statement at the time said, “Gorbachev had rejected many other proposals. But this time an exception was made to finance the purchase of a building for the foundation, currently tenant“. The exact amount collected has never been officially revealed, but several sources report a million dollars.

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