Pizza Del Arte subscription for 34.99 euros per month for one meal per day, a good plan? – Saving guide

For nearly 35 euros per month…

For exactly 34.99 euros (apart from the first month of the subscription at 29.99 euros) the Pizza Del Arte subscriber can come once a day to any restaurant in the chain offering this offer (although there are only 13 for the moment…). The whole menu is not eligible for this offer, but only 7 dishes. Other recipes, drinks, coffee and desserts are not included.

95% of subscribers are young people (students, young workers, etc.)

This is easily understood. It is not only necessary to have an economic interest in taking out this type of subscription, but above all to want to eat pizza and pasta frequently. More and more students are using food distribution. Rising food prices are the cause. Thus, students would be attracted by this offer, allowing them to be satiated for not too much.

The downsides of the offer…

  • 7 dishes available only in this offer : The restaurant chain plays on this point. If some customers plan to come and eat frequently, they will quickly no longer have to eat the same thing. So inevitably, they will start to leave the basic offer and consume some products not included in the subscription (drinks, desserts, coffee).
  • The commitment period of this subscription is 6 months,
  • Only 13 Pizza Del Arte restaurants eligible to this offer (out of 200 Pizza Del Arte restaurants in France): Boulogne-Billancourt, Colmar, Lyon, Metz, Rennes and Toulouse.

On the calculation side

It’s quite simple, given the price of the Pizza Del Arte menu, all you have to do is come to the restaurant 4 times a month in order to make your subscription profitable. Thus, customers having the perspective of coming to eat twice a week at Pizza Del Arte, this subscription is a real good deal. Be careful, however, to maintain a balanced diet. Eating pasta and/or pizza every day doesn’t seem like a good idea.

3 month trial for Pizza Del Arte

By launching this offer, Pizza Del Arte obviously wants to highlight its brand in the media, and it works. However, economically, will this be profitable for the Pizza Del Arte chain? The general manager of Del Arte hopes above all that subscribers will come accompanied by ” occasional customers β€œ, who will pay full pot. ” We are convinced that there will be a snowball effect, insists Philippe Jean. We are giving ourselves three months to make an initial assessment, and then expand the eligible products on the menu and the number of participating restaurants. β€œhe says in the columns of the Parisian. Provided, first, to convince a sufficient number of consumers.

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