Pizza Buitoni: a 9-month-old girl infected with E.Coli bacteria

If the scandal of the Buitoni pizzas, contaminated by the E.coli bacterium is in the headlines, the story of this family from Beauvais in the Oise is atypical, because one of the alleged victims did not consume pizza herself. pizza. Inaïa, 9 months, was hospitalized a few days after her mother ate a Buitoni pizza. The girl’s parents say she didn’t eat the pizza herself and are convinced the bacteria was passed on to her by her mother, who is breastfeeding her, as reported The Picard Courier.

According to the chronology reconstructed by the northern newspaper, on February 13, the family consumed the pizza purchased at the Auchan shopping center in Beauvais. The following days, the mother of the family as well as her two youngest daughters aged 9 and 22 months are victims of symptoms. On February 18, little Inaïa was admitted to the Beauvais emergency room before being transferred to Amiens hospital. In critical condition, the baby was placed in an artificial coma on February 20. The girl will undergo three operations before being awakened three weeks later. She finally returned home on April 4.

Since leaving the hospital, the little girl has been followed twice a week by a physiotherapist, and has to undergo weekly blood tests. Sequelae, especially in the kidneys, cannot be excluded.

“As I breastfeed her, I think to myself that she could have been infected this way,” said the mother of the family. Contacted by RMC, several pediatricians believe that breast milk would not be involved, but that the bacteria could have been transmitted via touch between the mother and her child.


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The ARS confirms the link with the bacteria present in Buitoni pizzas

On April 6, the Regional Health Agency confirmed to the family by mail the link with the bacteria present in the pizzas. “Your child is indeed one of the grouped cases for which we have identified a link with the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizza from the Buitoni brand”, can we read in the letter quoted by The new Aisne. The family filed a complaint on April 7. “We would like them to [Buitoni] recognize their wrongs and understand how we almost lost our daughter for a simple pizza”, claims the mother of the family.

As a reminder, Hauts-de-France was the region hardest hit by contamination with the E.coli bacteria, present in certain Buitoni brand pizzas. Since the start of the scandal, 56 poisonings have been recorded by Public Health France.


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