Philippe Etchebest: a blow for the chef, he is fined €20,000 for non-pecuniary damage

Recently, Philippe Etchebest was part of a bad neighborhood story. But this seems to go far since the latter will have to pay a large sum. Indeed, he could see a condemnation of 20,000 euros in fines to arrive. Justice has indeed not taken the side of the chief who will have to put the hand in the wallet to settle his debt. We’ll explaine everything here.

Philippe Etchebest, angry

Although Philippe Etchebest remains a well-known personality and a great chef in the culinary world, he still does not have the world at his feet. And this story reminded him of that. It turns out the chef had a dream. That of opening a gourmet restaurant in Bordeaux. So, with the desire to complete this project, he decided to build a new restaurant. But this remains the origin of the dispute with its neighbor.

Indeed, the neighbor of Philippe Etchebest wanted to see the latter’s building permit canceled. But for his part, the chef with a strong character did not appreciate it and wanted to go further. So he asked to appeal. In motion, the sum of 2.2 million euros for abusive recourse. He explains “I want my gourmet restaurant. And if I want to use my notoriety, it’s for participate in the influence of Bordeaux. Not to get a pass”. But justice did not choose its side. And so he didn’t win.

The defeat

But this story of chef Philippe Etchebest is not really recent. It happens to have been going on for four years already. It indeed began in 2018. It will then have been necessary to wait as many years for the verdict to finally fall. And if he seemed to give body and soul for his project, it remains, because the latter is really close to his heart. He expresses “For me, this project is the dream of a lifetime. I will fight until the end”.

But unfortunately for him, he was unsuccessful, and worse still, he has to pay. Indeed, Philippe Etchebest sees himself in the obligation to pay 20,000 euros to his neighbor. And this for the reason of moral prejudice. But in addition to this sum, it is necessary to count the 5,000 euros in procedural costs. A blow then for the chef who just wanted to see a dream come true. At least he knows he will have done everything possible in this fight.

It turns out that according to justice, Philippe Etchebest was trying to put pressure on his neighbor. And this, so that he cancels his request for cancellation of building permit. According to 20 Minutes, the chief asked for 369,000 euros for misuse. But to this is added 1.7 million euros if he persisted in obstructing. Plus the 80,000 euros for damage to the image. Hence the tidy sum of 2.2 million euros requested. But, for the leader, the fight is over. He will not have had his 2.2 million, but in addition will have to pay nearly 25,000 euros in fines and costs.

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