Peppe Cutraro in third position with his Parisian pizzeria

50 Top Pizzas 2022, the annual ranking of the 50 best pizzerias in the world, has just been revealed. This year, the first place is shared by two pizzerias: I Masanielli of Francesco Martuccilocated in Caserta, and Una Pizza Napoletana by Anthony Mangieri, which is located in New York. In third position, a Parisian pizzeria now famous among pizza lovers in the French capital: Peppe Pizzeria of Giuseppe Cutrarowho is also on the podium of the 50 Top Pizza Europe 2022.

The best pizza is in Italy… too

The best pizza in Italy is also, of course, one of the best in the world. I Masanielli of Francesco Martucci, based in Caserta, is now a world-renowned pizzeria. People come from far and wide to pay homage to the greatest Neapolitan culinary invention. Here, the pizza doughs are at the cutting edge of technology, the precise cooking, the combinations of high quality and original ingredients.

On the podium we also find a New York pizzeria, where the chef Anthony Mangieri carries the flag of Neapolitan pizza with a dedication to tradition and a selection of high quality ingredients. Una Pizza Napoletana is a small corner of Naples in New York.

N.3: Peppe Cutraro and his contemporary pizza

In third position, Peppe Cutraro and his Parisian pizzeria Peppe Pizzerialocated in the 20th arrondissement, where you can find the best of Italian pizza in a cool and relaxed environment. The young Neapolitan opened this establishment in January 2020, a few months before the arrival of the Covid. Success came quickly and his pizzas continued to seduce Parisians in take-away mode during the months of confinement. Peppe Pizzeria was named Best European Pizzeria 2021 and a few months later Peppe Cutrato opened his second Parisian establishment, Casa di Peppelocated in the 6th arrondissement.

This important recognition comes as Cutraro prepares for the opening of its third Parisian establishment, scheduled for mid-September, rue des Martyrs, in the 9e borough. Here, he told us his story and his “contemporary pizza”.

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Here is the complete list of the 50 Top Pizza 2022:

  1. I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci (Caserta)
  2. Una Pizza Napoletana (New York)
  3. Peppe Pizzeria (Paris)
  4. 50 Kalo (Naples)
  5. 10 Pizzeria Diego Vitagliano (Naples)
  6. I Tigli (San Bonifacio, Italy)
  7. Francesco & Salvatore Salvo (Naples)
  8. Seu Pizza Illuminati (Rome)
  9. La Notizia 94 (Naples)
  10. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco)
  11. Ribalta NYC (New York)
  12. Fratelli Figurato (Madrid)
  13. 48h Pizza and Gnocchi Bar (Melbourne)
  14. Bottega (Beijing)
  15. 50 Kalo London (London)
  16. Pizza Bar on the 38th (Tokyo)
  17. 180g Pizzeria Romana (Rome)
  18. Dry Milan (Milan)
  19. Cambia-Menti di Ciccio Vitiello (Caserta, Italy)
  20. Baest (Copenhagen)
  21. Sartoria Panatieri (Barcelona)
  22. I Masanielli – Sasà Martucci (Caserta, Italy)
  23. Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca” (Tokyo)
  24. The Grotticelle (Caggiano, Italy)
  25. Qvinto (Rome)
  26. Pepe in Grani (Caiazzo)
  27. Razza Pizza Artigianale (Jersey City, USA)
  28. O’ Munaciello (Miami)
  29. Carlo Sammarco Pizzeria 2.0 (Frattomaggiore, Italy)
  30. Spacca Naples Pizzeria (Chicago)
  31. Song’ E Napule (New York)
  32. Via Toledo Enopizzeria (Vienna)
  33. O’Scugnizzo (Arezzo, Italy)
  34. Pizza Zulu (Fürth, Germany)
  35. La Piola Pizza (Brussels)
  36. La Leggenda Pizzeria (Miami)
  37. Pizzana (LA)
  38. Crosta (Milan)
  39. Keste Fulton (New York)
  40. Pupillo Pura Pizza (Frosinione, Italy)
  41. Apogeo (Pietrasanta, Italy)
  42. The Cascina dei Sapori (Rezzato, Italy)
  43. Peppina (Bangkok)
  44. Patrick Ricci – Terra, Grani, Esplorazioni (San Mauro Torinese)
  45. Pizza Massilia (Bangkok)
  46. Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco (Templo Pausania)
  47. 400 Gradi (Lecce, Italy)
  48. Dennis (Milan)
  49. Pizzeria Da Lioniello (Succivo)
  50. Ti Amo (Buenos Aires)

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