Patrick Fiori scandalized, he responds to the attacks on a talent of The Voice Kids, suffering from an illness!

If Nahel won the hearts of some viewers, he could not escape criticism because of his behavior. Faced with this, Patrick Fiori did not sit idly by. Find out more about what the coach thinks.

A little boy like no other

The fans of “The Voice Kids” have been thrilled for some time. The new season of the program is broadcast on TF1 and we were able to discover talented children. On August 27, 2022, viewers notably met a boy like no other.

This is Nahel. The latter quickly captured the public’s attention not only by her voice, but also by her style of dress. The fans of “The Voice” were also surprised by Nahel’s way of speaking.

Indeed, the little boy uses adult vocabularies when he communicates. Faced with all this, Internet users did not fail to react. Some people have indeed attacked Nahel over his physique and behavior.

So his parents decided to Give explanations. According to them, Nahel has always been like this since childhood. Unlike other children who are interested in football, his thing is politics and literature.

Applicant’s parents of “The Voice Kids” have notably revealed that their son is, in fact, suffering from disharmony. It is a disorder that increases his feelings tenfold.

Patrick Fiori responds to attacks

For information, Nahel is part of Patrick Fiori’s team. The latter could not remain without doing anything in the face of the attacks received by his protege vis-à-vis his behavior. Indeed, the program coach insisted on stand up for Nahel during his interview with Télé-Loisirs.

Patrick Fiori first revealed that he was also unaware of the little boy’s troubles before. For good reason, the handsome brunette does not use often social networks.

Continuing, he said:

“A child, we do not attack him and with a pathology even less”

According to Patrick Fiori, we should accompany toddlers giving them love and “by giving them a certain direction”. It is moreover his ” assignment “ as a coach of “The Voice Kids”according to his words.

“Attacking a child at all on social networks or elsewhere, I find it petty,” he said.

In conclusion, the singer claimed that social networks can be beneficial but “also have a great capacity to convey evil” at the same time. He thinks there is “a daily job” to do with children. Hopefully after that the attacks on Nahel will stop.

Patrick Fiori’s wife

It must be recognized that Patrick Fiori has a flourishing career. In addition to being a coach of “The Voice Kids”, he is also a renowned singer in France. In terms of private life, the handsome brunette is also a fulfilled man. For several years, the musician has been spinning the perfect love alongside Ariane Quatrefages.

The latter is not unknown to the public either since she has already been Miss. In fact, after getting a degree in International Businessshe decided to do beauty contests.

She was also elected Miss Rhône-Alpes in 1999 and finished third runner-up at the Miss France 2000. After that, Ariane Quatrefages began a career in the world of the seventh art.

At the same time, she met Patrick Fiori, with whom she married in 2008. A year later, the two lovebirds welcomed their first child together. His name is Sevan.

Five years after the birth of their eldest, Patrick Fiori has again become the father of a boy. Despite the passing years, Patrick Fiori and Ariane Quatrefages are still as close as ever. The former Miss even helps her husband in his career as a musician.

Indeed, Sevan’s mother has already written songs for her companion, like “They say to each other”. Ariadne also wrote lyrics from the title of her husband’s album ” Picking out “.

“She is doing really well (…) When there is talent, you have to respect it and sometimes it is right next door,” said Patrick Fiori.

Hope their love will last a lifetime.

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