Pasta alla mamma!

A saucepan, a little salted water and pasta shells: that’s all it takes to save the planet! It is by cooking pasta that we will fight against global warming. The gesture is within everyone’s reach. Everyone necessarily has in their cupboards a handful of spaghetti to throw in the water. It is still necessary to follow the instructions, otherwise you risk destroying the Amazonian forest by preparing a plateful of noodles.

An 80% reduction in carbon emissions

The method for simmering fair trade gnocchi is to adopt “passive cooking”. Here are the steps: dip the pasta into boiling water with an alert hand, let it simmer for two minutes before turning off the heat and closing the lid, then wait while whistling O sole mio ! Recommended by a brand, Barilla, the “passive cooking” method would reduce carbon emissions related to cooking by 80%. However, it increases neighborhood conflicts by 65%, especially in cases where the cook knocks out those around him with Ti love by Umberto Tozzi.

No one could have imagined that we would one day protect the planet with “pasta alla mamma”! With the exception, perhaps, of one of the long-time supporters of this “passive cooking”, the Roman scientist Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in physics and pasta al dente.

Inaction to make things happen

It is through passivity that we will preserve our future. Halt climate change while brooding with a weary look on soft pasta writhing in the pan? It suits us perfectly. Nothing like inaction to make things happen. “Were we dumb and silent like pebbles, our very passivity would be an action” (situations II, Gallimard), wrote Jean-Paul Sartre one evening when he was concocting a dish of tagliatelle with tomato sauce for Simone de Beauvoir.

Inspired by Latin passive (“likely to suffer”, like an Italian in front of flabby starches full of lukewarm water), “passive cooking” is more than a cooking technique, it is a philosophy of life. Who could dispute, for example, the arguments in favor of “passive sport” as we practice it? Two minutes of sustained jogging, and 45 min of recuperation on the terrace… Passivity, here is the secret of this body which gives the best of itself. We are too often unaware of the force of inertia!

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