Papa Johns launches ‘space flavor’ pizza

It is an unusual concept to say the least. American pizza giant Papa Johns has just launched a new space-themed pizza. These contain a special type of chorizo, which is currently consumed by astronauts.

This is not the first time that such a concept has been launched. Indeed, last year, Coca Cola also launched a drink with a space theme. This time it’s the turn of Papa Johns, who is launching a new range called “Planet Chorizo”, inspired by the chorizo ​​that flew into space. This delicatessen is regularly consumed by astronauts. Indeed, the spices it contains promote its conservation and limit the appearance of germs and bacteria.

“Planet Chorizo” – Credit: Papa John’s

Chris Welch, former vice-president of the International Aeronautical Federation, says: “Spicy flavors like chorizo ​​have long been a favorite space food for hungry astronautswhich explains why it has benefited from such a rich spatial heritage […] But surprisingly, as recent evidence has revealed, its distinct flavors and aromas could truly be considered out of this world – with traces of the same aromatic compound thought to be found in both space and the Earth. sausage.”

Spicy foods, favorites of astronauts

According to Papa Johns, thechorizo ​​is the sausage that has traveled the furthest in the world. In 1998, Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque of the European Space Agency (ESA) took chorizo ​​from León aboard the space shuttle Discovery. And this choice is not limited to a simple fantasy on the part of the astronaut.

Astronauts have found that in the microgravity environment of space, where the smells of the meals they eat don’t come up to their noses, many foods taste more bland than on Earth. So spicy foods are having some success in orbit. According to the company, this innovation could encourage consumers to take an interest in space.

Chris Welch adds: “At first glance, one might not automatically associate chorizo ​​pizzas with space […] By making this unexpected connection, however, Papa Johns’ stimulates people’s curiosity, and if they dig they can learn more not only about the (non-spatial) chemistry of food, but also about the space environment, the human spaceflight, space science and space exploration.”

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