In Belgium, a young woman victim of the 2016 attacks resorts to euthanasia because of “unbearable psychological suffering”

The tragic story of Shanti de Corte arouses emotion in her country and sends France back to its recurring ethical debates around euthanasia. After a long therapeutic and hospital journey, this 23-year-old Belgian, survivor of the attacks in Brussels in 2016, resorted to assisted suicide on May 7, because of “unbearable psychological suffering”. It was … Read more

It starts today – “In tears”, “thank you for these life lessons”, “overwhelming”: Internet users stunned by the testimonies of these women

The show tells the harrowing stories of women who have suffered rape and incest. Internet users were very moved by their words. It starts today broadcasts, this Friday, October 7 on France 2, a program on rape and incest. Three women victims of sexual violence during their youth are on set to tell their stories, … Read more

why pizza drives us crazy

By Alice Bosio Posted 2 minutes ago, Update 1 minute ago The margherita at Anthony Mangieri’s Una Pizza Napoletana restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side. Mark Weinberg DECRYPTION – The subject of encyclopedias, documentaries and rankings, the venerable and popular Italian is more than ever attracting gourmets the world over. France is not immune … Read more

LE CREUSOT: Spotlight on demonstrations for schoolchildren at the Fête de la Science (1)

She is finally back in Le Creusot. With more than 800 schoolchildren visiting the Nave this Friday. Our photo report (1) The smiles as much as the absorbed or questioning looks of the children demonstrate that the popularization of science, as practiced at the Fête de la Science, is particularly timely.The Science Festival, which takes … Read more