on site or to take away ?

Thursday 1er September, Peter and Anne-Sophie opened their pizzeria. A small restaurant where you can bite into Italy to the fullest – with or without anchovies! – in the heart of a village where all that was missing.

Supermarket, hairdresser, bakery, construction, driving school… For a village of less than 2,000 inhabitants, in terms of shops and craftsmen: you can find everything in Bousies! Or almost. Do not drag your spats through the streets of the Bodic city in search of food, you will dry out your belly faster than you will fill it. Here: no restaurant. But that was before. Before Peter Delgrange and Anne-Sophie Lalise, a young couple who live in the city, opened their pizzeria right in the center.

Take the chance

“We have been living in Bousies for a year and a half and we love this townloose Anne-Sophie. And one evening, trying to find something to eat, we realized that there was nothing. To have a bite to eat, you have to go straight to Poix, Landrecies or Le Cateau. » For Peter, a baker by profession and who has already run a pizzeria in the past, there is something to play for. So, entrepreneur at heart, he will play it: “One day I walked past this place and saw that it was for rent. I called the owner and that’s it. »

“I learned everything thanks to a friend: Paul Touboul, but I was also trained by Andrea Ferri, triple world vice-champion in pizza! »

Finally… Peter and Anne-Sophie still had to sweat profusely and not count their hours before opening. Everything had to be redone before putting the first pizza in the oven: electricity, painting, tiling… everything. And as with their pizzas, they want to make everything themselves. Result: a small restaurant of a hundred square meters capable of accommodating 16 covers is now waiting for you in Bousies. With her at the reception, and him in the kitchen. A formula without fuss, simple and basic like… well like a good pizza!

Practical information : Pizzeria Delgrange, 28 bis rue René Ruelle, 59222 Bousies. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. For here and to go. 07 50 10 59 32. Facebook page: Pizzeria Delgrange.

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