November: it has never been so hot in Quebec

Provincial record

It is a historic day. As you have noticed, this Saturday was particularly hot for a month of November. It’s not just an impression, since heat records have been broken in Quebec. It was in Saint-Anicet that the provincial record was broken, with 25.3°C. The old provincial record dates from November 10, 2020, with 25°C. This means that since the existence of meteorological data, it has never been so hot in Quebec in November!

Chaleur Quebec

Records in Montreal

But that’s not all! Montreal also has its hour of glory, since the city officially broke its monthly temperature record this Saturday afternoon with 24.3°C. The previous heat record for the month of November dates from November 10, 2020, with 22.4°C, or almost 2°C difference! The monthly humidity record was also broken in Montreal, with 26. The last record dates from November 2, 1971 and was 24.6.

MTL monthly record

Elsewhere in the province

Monthly temperature records were broken for a few cities. This is the case for example in Sherbrooke and Beauceville, with 23°C and 22.7°C respectively. But more than a dozen cities in Quebec are affected by daily heat records. Throughout Quebec, temperatures were abnormally high and well above normal for the season. This is the case for example in Gaspé, where it was 22.2 ° C, but also in Quebec where temperatures rose to 22.5 ° C.


Possible records on Sunday

The heat will continue on Sunday again, even if it should still be slightly cooler than Saturday. Heat records are again possible in some cities in Quebec. This is the case, for example, in Montreal, Gaspé and Sherbrooke. The arrival of a system from the south will bring warm air from the Gulf of Mexico. Temperatures will gradually drop from next week with the passage of a cold front.



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